• Corporate UI and Design Management
  • Vision and Sustainability
  • Consulting and Training
  • Academic Research and Teaching

If you ask us, the best reward is when our clients promote us from service provider to partner. A number of well-known companies have thus confirmed their confidence in us and now challenge us at the highest level to apply our design competencies not just to individual products, but to the effective design of sustainable company strategies.

A central issue is design management consulting and the development of company-wide corporate user interface strategies. Together we search for answers to questions such as "How can we as manufacturers provide a valuable contribution towards sustainable change in society? What will we offer in 10-20 years? How will interaction design continue to develop in our field?" In this work knowledge transfer is highly important to us. We function as catalyser in the company, creating a sensibility for usability and design, e.g. through educational offers within the scope of employee training.

The constant oscillation between economy and science, between practical market conditions and academic research gives us a sense of future challenges and creates ideas for new paradigms, where none are to be found today - which is why we dare to say: We are an exciting partner!

Corporate UI Development & Design Management

Achieving the highest possible quality of use of a single product is an interesting task. However, even more challenging - as it has a more far-reaching effect - is developing the best possible quality of use as a central, identity defining characteristic for all products, processes and services of a company. This is a strategic achievement the result of which also is strategy. We call this strategy Corporate User Interface Design, whereby interaction concept and interface design are the two main factors influencing and motivating the design as a whole. They are neither subordinate nor ancillary, but rather establish the basis for ensuring that all other defining characteristics correspond to the interface design.

Imagine the power of your marketing activities if you present a portfolio in which all products have one thing in common: An extraordinary quality that unfolds with the use experience.

Beyond Corporate UI Design we are happy to face other challenges and ask how you can include and refine the concept of design in your company strategy in a profitable way.

Vision and Sustainability

Every day it is made clear to us in different ways that the status quo of our social life often represents a state that needs to be overcome rather than maintained. Especially when instead of enabling a positive future development, the status quo stands in its way. A good English expression for this state is "defuturing".

Where and how exactly can we, together with our clients and using the means of interface design, have a long-term positive effect? We look forward to thinking about this with you. Our contribution to this exchange of ideas is our specific abilities related to process design:
thinking through and creating processes, which are valuable to people.

We are convinced that we can even shape human rethinking processes in this manner - which is what really matters anyway!

These initial ideas allow developing specific concepts, visions, projects, services and products that are not only ready for the future, but actively "futurise"!

Consulting and Training

Put usability into practice - we share our knowledge with you.

Every interactive product or system should be as user-centred as possible. Therefore we are eager to provide you with easily applicable usabilty expertise which you can immediately apply to your specific project - whether as project manager or as a developer.

The training we offer is intended for all who are involved in interface development. Our trainers have a wide range of practical experience, and have worked for clients from many different sectors. Therefore our methods have proven themselves over years of practice and are continuously under development, whether related to classical development processes or agile processes such as SCRUM.

Our training models are structured as follows:

  • Module 1: Principles (half-day)
  • Module 2: Best Practice Methods (half-day)
  • Module 3: Applied Methods and Exercises (full day)

The modules can be booked individually or as a package. We also offer individual in-house seminars for 4 to 12 participants. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Academic Research and Teaching

Particularly with our founder Prof. Frank Jacob, but also with the academic careers of individual HID employees, we embody the spirit of bringing practical experience to academic teaching and to supporting young researchers. At the same time we profit from a continuous renewal of ideas, methods and practices that are the result of researching design, as is carried out specifically at schools of higher education.

Frank Jacob has been professor for interface design at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel since 2005. Interface design is a specialisation of the Industrial Design course. On a national and international level "the Muthesius" is one of the best.

Besides interface design training that is integrated within the Industrial Design bachelor‘s programme, Prof. Frank Jacob is responsible for the Master specialisation "Interface Design", which collaborates in a synergistic manner with the "Medical Design" speciality. Both areas explore design with the intend to develop new references that envision a desirable future life.