Hilti PD-C

Laser range meter PD-C for Hilti Corporation, 2016

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Precise distance measurements and the calculation of surfaces and volumes are decisive for the planning and documentation of complex building projects. With the laser-based PD-C, Hilti is providing technicians and planners alike with a precision device that is marked by exceptional ease of use. Together we designed the interaction of the hardware and software interfaces for continuous one-hand operation in the measuring process. It can be accurately controlled even when wearing work gloves. The easy-to-understand graphical interface features dynamic superimposition of real image and virtual measured value display. This not only enables the exact location of measuring points at great distances on the one hand, but on the other, this function also supports the optimum documentation and communication of the measurements in the context of real building site photos.

The clear and precisely executed interface design also convinced the Red Dot Jury Communication Design and was honored with a Red Dot „Best of the Best“ award:

„Honed to rest ergonomically in the hand, this tool convinces with a simple design on a very small surface for all the different types of information. In addition, operating the device is highly intuitive and compelling. Combining laser measurements with optical ones in a camera system that also allows volumes and surface areas to be measured, and integrating all that into one device, is an exceptional idea.“