Home automation for Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH, 2014












The webbased Busch-free@home app allows for playful and easy configuration and switching of home automation. It is optimized for the use on multiple devices. In our co-creative design process with potential future users, installers and nonprofessionals, we developed an app design that stands particularly out due to its simplicity when configuring home automation installations – a task that typically can be complex and difficult to handle. However, with free@home configuration is made easy.

With free@home you can instantly and flexibly change and expand your smart home. You do not need extensive previous knowledge to reconnect a switch with another light or, for instance, to place virtual controls on a Busch-free@homePanel. Within seconds you create a comfort scene to shift the atmosphere of your home with just one click.

Bright and friendly tones characterize the configuration world through which the user is guided step by step. A well thought-out menu structure, catchy and self-explanatory symbols and a clear layout, as well as a playful interaction style support the user’s workflow. The configuration mode of the app gives you a direct access to the switching mode. Recognize what you before configured one-to-one when switching. Simple to configurate, easy to operate – on your mobile devices.